Machinery and Heavy Equipment Export with ASF Logistics
Savannah, Georgia
(912) 964-4407

ASF Logistics is a skilled and experienced transportation provider. We can provide pick-up, transportation, licenses, permits and pick up for your machinery and heavy equipment.

We prepare your machinery for exporting by applying for the proper licenses and permits necessary for international heavy equipment export.

We guide you in the steps you’ll need to take to secure your loose items and suggest precautions to avoid travel damage.

We protect your equipment and machinery before exporting by shrink wrapping your equipment in order to protect it during transport. We want your cargo to arrive at its final destination in the same condition it left the US.

ASF Logistics specialized transport division in Savannah, Georgia has expertise in handling large or specialized cargo trained managers who are able to identify and manage the risks involved in handling valuable and sensitive project movements.

ASF Logistics in house capabilities, wide geographical knowledge, and global connections reduce vulnerability and allow for movement of specialized cargo effectively and successfully from origin to destination.

A specialist division of ASF, based in Savannah, GA, has fast become an industry leader in the handling of heavy equipment and machinery for international shipment.

Common Destinations from the USA to Australia, Asia, Africa, Albania, Belgium, Belize, Canada, Chile, China, Costa Rica, Cypress, Denmark, Dubai, England, France, Germany, Greece, Hawaii, Italy, Japan, Portugal, Spain, Saudi Arabia, Sweden and the United Kingdom (UK) though we can provide transportation to any destination worldwide.