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Preventive actions against the spread of the ZIKA virus

Containers shipped from the U.S. to China that are subject to that country’s regulations designed to prevent the spread of Zika virus won’t have to be fumigated but can instead be disinsected, and government certification of the process is not required as once believed.

The Foreign Commercial Service, part of the International Trade Administration, outlined the requirements of Chinese authorities after members of the U.S. Embassy in Beijing met with the Director General of China's Inspection and Quarantine Ministry.

Shippers’ ability to avoid fumigation and instead use easier and cheaper disinsection methods, which generally involve spraying for insects, provides an easier way for cargo to meet Chinese requirements than previously thought. That the certificate does not need to be certified by a government agency also simplifies the process for shippers.

Chinese authorities said earlier this month that containerized goods entering the country would need a Mosquito Eradication Certificate to ensure the passage of goods, and without it, the goods might be quarantined or forced to undergo fumigation. The announcement came shortly after the U.S. was added to the list of countries where Zika is considered a threat.

The service said that if a container had to be fumigated at the point of entry, the cost would be about $30 for a 20-foot container and $60 for a 40-foot container. A local source said Wednesday that the fumigation process would result in a delay of one to three days for the cargo.

Elements outlined by the U.S. government Thursday were:

— All containers shipped from the U.S. to China — regardless of whether they come from a Zika-affected area or not — are subject to that country’s regulations, despite the fact that Florida is the only part of the U.S. where Zika is considered a serious issue.

— If an entire vessel was fumigated before or after being loaded, each container would not need to be fumigated.

— Commodities kept at 15 degrees Celcius/59 degrees Fahrenheit or below are exempt from the Zika requirements.

— Disinsection does not require fumigation. Disinsection can be carried out by physical or chemical means. For physical, this could include trapping, air curtains, or other integrated pest management techniques. For chemical, this could include surface spraying, space spraying, or fumigation. It is the shipper's choice, but should take into account human health and safety.

— No official government stamp is needed on a mosquito eradication certificate issued prior to departure. Containers covered by such a certificate do not need to be fumigated.

— Cargo that left the U.S. before the program was implemented Aug. 5 is exempt from fumigation.

The Agriculture Transportation Coalition, a Washington D.C.-based trade group for shippers, welcomed the clarifications, saying it met some of the concerns it had raised with Chinese and U.S. Authorities.

“We are pleased to see progress being made to gain clarity and find a reasonable solution towards disinsection of our members’ U.S. agriculture and forest products exports to China,” said spokesperson Abigail Struxness. “Some solutions are apparent, and we continue to push for improvements, such as exemptions for cargo originating in areas of the United States where Zika is not present.”
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New China import regulations
Preventive actions against the spread of the ZIKA virus

Dear ASF Customers,

On March 4, 2016, the Chinese authorities issued an announcement describing required preventive actions for all cargo entering China’s territory from origins affected by the ZIKA virus disease. The United States has subsequently been added to this list.

Shipments arriving in China from these countries will now be subject to anti-mosquito treatment and any import shipments without proof of anti-mosquito treatment will be fumigated at the port of discharge in China by the authorities without prior notice.

The Chinese consignees/importers have the responsibility to request for overseas exporters/shippers to provide a "fumigation certificate" as proof of the required anti mosquito treatment conducted at origin prior to loading.

Please note that neither ASF as a carrier nor ASF as carrier's agents are involved in this procedure and all relevant costs as a result of measures required by the authorities are for the account of the cargo.

There is still a lot of confusion over what constitutes an appropriate fumigation protocol including relevant certification and the latest from the US Animal and Plant Health Inspection Services (APHIS) is as follows.


Field Operations Guidance – China Zika virus requirements for US exports
August 10, 2016

APHIS is currently discussing China’s new Zika virus health issue requirements with Chinese authorities. We are requesting clarification on which agricultural commodities and production areas of the U.S. are included in the requirements.

APHIS is inquiring about what specific form(s) of acceptable documentation can be submitted to Chinese officials by exporters, and other details of the new requirements. The need for accurate information will take time and official guidance will be sent out by APHIS in the future.

This is not a phytosanitary issue, it is a human health concern. Authorized Certifying Officials are not approved or required to monitor or witness treatments for mosquitos as they are not phytosanitary treatments. APHIS reminds the field that only phytosanitary treatments may be included in the treatment block on phytosanitary certificates.
ASF are actively seeking the latest information and guidance in regards to this and will keep all of our customers updated as and when anything material is announced. We will also update our web-site and FaceBook page with any relevant information.

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact your local representative.

ASF Logistics
August 11, 2016
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