Logistic and Supply Chain Consulting with ASF Logistics

As the world shrinks and supply chains get longer and more complex, good logistics management becomes ever more essential in providing for the optimum flow of goods, material, and information.

Supply chains are vulnerable with the widespread adoption of lean practices, high levels of variety, and product proliferation. Supply chains need to remain agile with the ability to respond rapidly to changes.

At ASF Logistics we focus on helping you plan, balance, and manage your supply chain. We work with you to implement new solutions in sourcing, multimodal transportation, and distribution resulting in both cost reduction and improved customer service.

By adopting a systematic approach with a complete review of the supply chain operation, ASF Logistics can eliminate waste, unnecessary and inefficient processes, and organizational procedures while maximizing existing resources.

ASF managers not only have an in-depth expertise in the business but also the breadth of experience needed to collaborate across the whole supply chain. It is the interface between supply chain partners that represents by far the greatest opportunity to add value and reduce cost.

There is a tendency for over sophistication when addressing a problem rather than eliminating a problem by simplification. The ASF view remains that while efficiency is about doing the job right, effectiveness is about doing the right job by identifying key processes and resources. It is the effective use of these key processes and resources that will allow our customers to gain a competitive advantage.

Competition is not necessarily between organizations but rather the supply chains that they are a part of. Supply chains compete, not companies, and the advantage comes from effective capabilities. The biggest risk to business continuity may in fact lie outside of the company in the wider supply chain.

By focusing on process improvements and collaboration across the supply chain, we can develop a supply chain that has the ability to react or recover from unpredictable events as or even before they happen.

  • ASF will analyze your existing supply chain networks, and identify opportunities for improvement.
  • ASF will identify waste, unnecessary and inefficient processes, and organizational procedures to maximize profitability.
  • ASF will focus on process improvements and collaboration across the supply chain to customize a logistics plan specifically for your needs.